I Love Japan

After reading Cheesie’s blog post about why she loves Japan so much, I cried, and cried even more reading the comments from readers. I’m so touched and happy that there are so many like-minded people in the world as desperate as me to get to Japan. I think it’s just unfair for only Bacherlor holders to be able to apply for a work visa there, what about the talented people who don’t need that piece of shit toilet paper, people like me?!

2004. I started taking notice of Japan after knowing the term “Anime” from my FYP mates because we were taking a break (i.e. being lazy) from doing our FYP, haha. They played Naruto, the episode where Rock Lee was fighting against Kimimaro. Since then I also joined in the craze to watch anime and learned that, actually, I’ve known anime all my life! Doraemon, Dragonball, Mojako, etc!! I’ve loved them all!

I started learning hiragana and katakana on my own, I practised every time I got bored and on any piece of paper that I could find! Though I mastered them, I couldn’t understand what I was reading! Nevertheless, I watched tonnes of anime and absorbed as much as I can. I also joined forums like Anime Capsule and I made many friends there. I’m glad they liked me too, we had a great time for three years before the forum was destroyed by spam bots in 2009. ;_;

2008. I started to fall madly in love with this gorgeous group called NEWS and the most handsome guy in it, Nishikido Ryo. I became even more determined that I will master the Japanese language!!

2009. I finally saved enough and signed up for elementary Japanese course. I aced the tests on the 2nd and 3rd lesson because they’re hiragana and katakana tests. Lol. From then on, I took on the language like storm and have been learning it since. I passed JLPT N3 that I took in Dec 2011. Will challenge N2 in Dec 2012. ^_~v


Everywhere I go, Japanese words will stand out more to me than anything else, every time I spot a Japanese word, shop, food, restaurant, I’m happy. I never get tired of listening to Japanese songs because they are just so awesome! Beautiful lyrics, bountiful layers within the pieces of music, smooth melodies even within rock songs too! The dramas and anime are so full of creativity, the actors and seiyuus are so good at their jobs! The fashion is so forward and daring that the whole of Asia is following behind desperately!

Why I love Taipei is because it’s very much like a mini Japan! Like Cheesie, I’m sure I will definitely cry when I touchdown in Narita Airport. I have to prepare lotsa tissue papers!

I’m planning to go Japan once I saved enough money. During researching and planning, I felt really happy! My imagination took me to places in Japan through all the scenes I saw in the drama and anime. I looked at the map of Tokyo and I could connect them to the places and names and I felt like, “I’m there!”. I really felt very happy. Imagine my happiness if I ever set foot in Tokyo. Omg, I’ll just burst and explode with happiness!!

I know no one and no place is perfect, but I’m sure that Japan is the closest to perfection than anywhere else in this world! I want to live and work there and hopefully settle down there for the rest of my life! Japan is a dreamland for me and for me to make my dream come true, I’ll have to work very very very hard! Have been at it since I started working. But I’m a bad bad bad saver, I spend what I earn! Omg.. Terrible, lol..


Japanese have a heart of gratitude towards people who love their country. I think if people said they love Singapore, I’ll also thank them but I’ll also warn them of all the bad things that my little island has to offer. Lol!! XD



Midnight show IMAX 3D Avengers courtesy of KG-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankz a lot!!

The movie was from 12:30am to 3:20am!! Technically, it should be in the next post!! Lol!!

It’s fantastic! I also didn’t know that it’s by my “god”, Joss Whedon! The god who gave birth to Buffy and Angel!! How come YX didn’t mention in his FB when Avengers first started shooting? He’s more of his fan than I am! Lol..

Anyway, the story is very good and I love all the dialogues!! Especially Iron Man!! Lol!! He’s hilarious!! Joss always like to add a little bit of fight between comrades, lol.. His talent in making wonderful dialogues is evident in this movie, as the way Iron Man talks is very much like how Buffy talks!!

Iron Man is my favourite among the 6 of them. I’ve only watched the movie of Iron Man and not the others.

Hawkeye is amazingly accurate with his bow and arrow! I could relate to the weapon coz I’ve just tried it for the first time in my life! Lol!

Black Widow is a great spy with very flexible body and acrobatic moves! Her skills are just not made for war, so we can’t compare her to the other guys~

Hulk is a.. I dunno, like very withdrawn and isolated guy who only wants to keep to himself and try to do as many good deeds as he can. I like him when he’s Hulk. Lol!! “Puny god.” WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!! He’s actually very funny, lol!

Thor is a normal guy right? Lol! Only thing is, he can lift his hammer like it’s nothing but for Hulk, it’s like it’s rooted to the floor, lol. The way he makes himself fly is also very interesting. XD

Captain America is handsome but also good at giving tasks to everyone, great leadership~ He just looks very sad all the time like he always wish to go back to his time..?

Iron Man is just so narcissist and love to be hated, lol! I love him and his wicked humour! He’s just so adorable, daring and clever! Love! XD I think he’s a lot of women’s type of tea, lol. His brave act at the end is just so…… OMG! Sad, scared, sad again.. ;_; And then, bam, funny. LOL!!

I think I need to watch all these heroes’ movies sooner rather than later, lol.. Then maybe watch Avengers again in normal theatres! XD

The only thing that is sad is that the agent died, o man! So sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But his sacrifice is necessary for the great achievements! He could sustain his life for so long after being stabbed in the heart is already a great feat in itself! He’s also a hero but his efforts were in vain.. ;_;!!

Now, the villain. He’s really cunning and acts nonchalantly but actually cares damn lots on winning and losing. He’s just a jealous brother after seeing Thor take protection of Earth. Actually, he’s quite poor thing. LOL!

According to the short video at the end, before the credits end, there may be an Avengers 2. Woohoo! Can’t wait to find out if it’s true! XD

For the effects, I think they did the most on the textures for Iron Man coz it’s really nice and detailed. The many joints of the big alien, too, requires lotsa smooth action keys unless they tween it or something, I dunno, lol.. The alien army soldier is surprisingly as big as us, lol! Thought they’d be bigger~ And all of them are of the same colour, even with their weapons and transport too! A bit hard to see the actions, lol..

I love all the destructions they all did everywhere! Lol!! The giant mothership is also damn impressive~ I love how it becomes invisible so “naturally”! The fighter planes’ designs are also quite unique~

The music is nice and adds and minus at the correct timing to create a certain kinda feeling~ The music itself is not bad, I like it but it’s not gonna be memorable or anything, but maybe I just need to buy the CD and listen to it the whole day, lol! When I listen to a soundtrack, I’ll remember the scenes and that’s a successful soundtrack CD. LOL! I guess that’s the same for everyone?!

O well, gotta go watch Hulk, Thor and Captain America! Hawkeye doesn’t have a movie to his name, does he? Awwww, I wanted to watch him and the Black Widow in action together!


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